Mặt cười

Ảnh Tiêu đề Ký tự
alien alien >-)
angel angel o:-) O:-) o:) O:)
angry angry x-(
applause applause =D> =d>
april april o-+
at wits' end at wits' end ~X( ~x(
batting eyelashes batting eyelashes ;;)
bee bee :bz
big green big green :D :d
big hug big hug >:D< >:d<
billy billy o=>
blushing blushing :">
bring it on bring it on >:/
broken heart broken heart =((
bug bug =:)
call me call me :-c
chatterbox chatterbox :[email protected]
chicken chicken ~:>
clown clown :o) :O)
coffee coffee ~o) ~O)
confused confused :-/
cool cool b-) B-)
cow cow 3:-O 3:-o
cowboy cowboy <):)
crying crying :((
d'oh d'oh #-o #:-O
dancing dancing \:D/ \:d/
daydreaming daydreaming 8->
devil devil >:)
don't tel anyone don't tel anyone :-$
drooling drooling =P~ =p~
feeling beat up feeling beat up b-(
flag flag **==
frustrated frustrated :-L :-l
good luck good luck %%-
happy happy :) :-)
hee hee hee hee ;))
hiro hiro o->
hurry up! hurry up! :!!
hypnotized hypnotized @-)
i don't know i don't know :-??
I don't want to see I don't want to see X_X x_x
idea idea *-:)
it wasn't me it wasn't me ^#(^
kiss kiss :-* :*
laughing laughing :))
liar liar :^o
loser loser L-) l-)
love struck love struck :x :X :-x :-X
money eyes money eyes $-)
monkey monkey :(|)
nailbiting nailbiting :-ss :-SS
nerd nerd :-B :-b
not listening not listening %-(
not talking not talking [-(
not worthy not worthy ^:)^
oh go on oh go on :-j
on the phone on the phone :)]
party party <:-P <:-p
peace sigh peace sigh :)>-
phbbbbt phbbbbt >:P >:p
pig pig :@)
praying praying [-O< [-o<
pumpkin pumpkin (~~)
puppy dog eyes puppy dog eyes :o3
raise eyebrow raise eyebrow /:)
rock on! rock on! \m/
rolling eyes rolling eyes 8-|
rolling on the floor rolling on the floor =))
rose rose @};-
sad sad :( :-(
shame on you shame on you [-X [-x
sick sick :-&
sigh sigh :-<
silly silly 8-}
skull skull 8-x 8-X
sleepy sleepy |-) I-)
smug smug :> :->
star star (*)
straight face straight face :|
surprise surprise :-o :-O
talk to hand talk to hand =;
thumbs down thumbs down :-q
time out time out :-t
thumbs up thumbs up :-bd
waiting waiting :-w
whew! whew! #:-s #:-S
tongue tongue :P :p :-P :-p
winking winking ;) ;-)
whistling whistling :-"
wave wave :-h
yawn yawn (:|
worried worried :-s :-S
yin yang yin yang (%)
thinking thinking :-?
meep1 meep1 meep1
Meep2 Meep2 meep2
Meep3 Meep3 meep3
Meep4 Meep4 meep4
Meep5 Meep5 meep5
Meep6 Meep6 meep6
Meep7 Meep7 meep7
Meep8 Meep8 meep8
Meep9 Meep9 meep9
Meep10 Meep10 meep10
Meep11 Meep11 meep11
Meep12 Meep12 meep12
Meep13 Meep13 meep13
Meep14 Meep14 meep14
Meep15 Meep15 meep15
Meep16 Meep16 meep16
Meep17 Meep17 meep17
meep18 meep18 meep18
Meep19 Meep19 meep19
Meep20 Meep20 meep20
Meep21 Meep21 meep21
Meep22 Meep22 meep22
Meep23 Meep23 meep23
Meep24 Meep24 meep24
Meep25 Meep25 meep25
Meep26 Meep26 meep26
Meep27 Meep27 meep27
Meep28 Meep28 meep28
Meep29 Meep29 meep29
Meep30 Meep30 meep30
Meep31 Meep31 meep31
Meep32 Meep32 meep32
Koko1 Koko1 Koko1
Koko2 Koko2 Koko2
Koko3 Koko3 Koko3
Koko4 Koko4 Koko4
Koko5 Koko5 Koko5
Koko6 Koko6 Koko6
Koko7 Koko7 Koko7
Koko8 Koko8 Koko8
Koko9 Koko9 Koko9
Koko10 Koko10 Koko10
Koko11 Koko11 Koko11
Koko12 Koko12 Koko12
Koko13 Koko13 Koko13
Koko14 Koko14 Koko14
Koko15 Koko15 Koko15
Koko16 Koko16 Koko16
Koko17 Koko17 Koko17
Koko18 Koko18 Koko18
Koko19 Koko19 Koko19
Koko20 Koko20 Koko20
Koko21 Koko21 Koko21
Koko22 Koko22 Koko22
Koko23 Koko23 Koko23
Koko24 Koko24 Koko24
Koko25 Koko25 Koko25
Koko26 Koko26 Koko26
Koko27 Koko27 Koko27
Koko28 Koko28 Koko28
Koko29 Koko29 Koko29
Koko30 Koko30 Koko30
Koko31 Koko31 Koko31
Koko32 Koko32 Koko32
Koko33 Koko33 Koko33
Koko34 Koko34 Koko34
Koko35 Koko35 Koko35
Koko36 Koko36 Koko36
Koko37 Koko37 Koko37
Koko38 Koko38 Koko38
Koko39 Koko39 Koko39
Koko40 Koko40 Koko40
Koko41 Koko41 Koko41
Koko42 Koko42 Koko42
Koko43 Koko43 Koko43
Koko44 Koko44 Koko44
Napoli1 Napoli1 Napoli1
Napoli2 Napoli2 Napoli2
Napoli3 Napoli3 Napoli3
Napoli4 Napoli4 Napoli4
Napoli5 Napoli5 Napoli5
Napoli6 Napoli6 Napoli6
Napoli7 Napoli7 Napoli7
Napoli8 Napoli8 Napoli8
Napoli9 Napoli9 Napoli9
Napoli10 Napoli10 Napoli10
Napoli11 Napoli11 Napoli11
Napoli12 Napoli12 Napoli12
Napoli13 Napoli13 Napoli13
Napoli14 Napoli14 Napoli14
Napoli15 Napoli15 Napoli15
Napoli16 Napoli16 Napoli16
Napoli17 Napoli17 Napoli17
Napoli18 Napoli18 Napoli18
Napoli19 Napoli19 Napoli19
Napoli20 Napoli20 Napoli20
Napoli21 Napoli21 Napoli21
Napoli22 Napoli22 Napoli22
Napoli23 Napoli23 Napoli23
Napoli24 Napoli24 Napoli24
Napoli25 Napoli25 Napoli25
Napoli26 Napoli26 Napoli26
Napoli27 Napoli27 Napoli27
Napoli28 Napoli28 Napoli28
Napoli29 Napoli29 Napoli29
Napoli30 Napoli30 Napoli30
Napoli31 Napoli31 Napoli31
Napoli32 Napoli32 Napoli32
Napoli33 Napoli33 Napoli33
Napoli34 Napoli34 Napoli34
Napoli35 Napoli35 Napoli35
Napoli36 Napoli36 Napoli36
FreeBirds1 FreeBirds1 FreeBirds1
FreeBirds2 FreeBirds2 FreeBirds2
FreeBirds3 FreeBirds3 FreeBirds3
FreeBirds4 FreeBirds4 FreeBirds4
FreeBirds5 FreeBirds5 FreeBirds5
FreeBirds6 FreeBirds6 FreeBirds6
FreeBirds7 FreeBirds7 FreeBirds7
FreeBirds8 FreeBirds8 FreeBirds8
FreeBirds9 FreeBirds9 FreeBirds9
FreeBirds10 FreeBirds10 FreeBirds10
FreeBirds11 FreeBirds11 FreeBirds11
FreeBirds12 FreeBirds12 FreeBirds12
FreeBirds13 FreeBirds13 FreeBirds13
FreeBirds14 FreeBirds14 FreeBirds14
FreeBirds15 FreeBirds15 FreeBirds15
FreeBirds16 FreeBirds16 FreeBirds16
FreeBirds17 FreeBirds17 FreeBirds17
FreeBirds18 FreeBirds18 FreeBirds18
FreeBirds19 FreeBirds19 FreeBirds19
FreeBirds20 FreeBirds20 FreeBirds20